Our Farm

sanguinetti farms red walnuts
The San Joaquin valley is the perfect place to grow walnuts. California’s 4,000 walnut growers grow 99 percent of the nation’s walnut crop. Most walnuts are grown on the East Side of the San Joaquin Valley (SJV) where winds are less breezy compared to the West Side of the valley. The heart-healthy nut is grown from Red Bluff in Tehama County in the north to south of Visalia in Tulare County, with many weather micro-climates in between.


Many people around the world consider walnuts from our small town – Linden, CA, just outside of Stockton, to be the best walnuts in the world. Linden is where we live and farm. We aim to bring you the very best nuts possible. The Sanguinetti family has been farming here in Linden California for four generations! In fact, our kids are already showing interest and will be out here in the fields and orchards before we know it. We are hard working people, that take great pride in our quality fruits, nuts and vegetables.


We hope this website helps provide you a glimpse of what we love – family and farming!