What people are saying about our Red Walnuts

  • Anne, a Marsh Supermarkets customer, from Bloomington IN

    “Found these quite by accident — was looking for walnuts for some very special oatmeal cookies for my daughter’s wedding — the Red Walnuts are PERFECT, adding just a spark of color! and they have a great taste, rich and sweet, not bitter! Thanks for this awesome nut!”

  • Suzanne, a customer from Oklahoma

    I would love to purchase more red walnuts but I don’t know where I got them. It doesn’t seem that I can purchase them from your home site. I’ve visited my local places – target, walmart, reasors but can’t locate them. Help….I need more. Love them. Suzanne”

  • Cindi, an HEB customer, from Houston Texas

    “Love your product – just discovered the red walnut in the store today and looked it up – can’t wait for you to add to the website – I am planning on a bed and breakfast business and would love to have the red walnuts as a “signature ingredient” – will check back on your distributor in my new area or the possibility of direct purchase – but wanted to share that I am delighted with your “new” nut and have shown them off all over the office and offered samples and all have been impressed as well so I am an unofficial spokesperson and marketer! Thanks for the creative thinking!

  • Linda, a Bristol Farms customer, from Beverly Hills CA

    “Yummy! Found today (by accident) and am addicted. Wonderful!”

  • Chef Susan V in Pittsburgh, PA

    “I tried your red walnuts for the first time today. They are wonderful! No bitterness to them at all. I have frozen the ones that I got today and plan to use them within 2 months. I am looking forward to next year’s crop. I am in Pittsburgh, Pa. and I bought them at Whole Foods. BTW, I am a Chef here in Pittsburgh and I plan on experimenting with your red walnuts in various recipes. Keep up the great work!”

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